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Case, Ted J 1976 Seasonal aspects of thermoregulatory behavior in the chuckawalla, Sauromalus obesus (Reptilia, Lacertilia, Iguanidae)
Carey, W Michael 1976 Iguanas of the Exumas
Pough, F. Harvey 1976 The effect of temperature on oxygen capacity of reptile blood
Rand, William M 1976 Agonistic behavior in nesting iguanas: a stochastic analysis of dispute settlement dominated by the minimization of energy cost
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Iverson, John B 1977 Behavior and Ecology of the Rock Iguana Cyclura carinata
Acuña, Mercedes L 1977 Variaciones intraespecificas de las glucosa sanguinea de Iguana iguana, relacionadas con su ciclo reproductivo
Windrow, Susan Louise 1977 Winter Activity and Behavior of the Exuman Rock Iguana, Cyclura cychlura figginsi
Keller, Susan L 1977 A Comparison of the Behaviors of Two Reptilian Species, Tuatara (Sphenodon punctatus) and Mona Island Iguana (Cyclura stejnegeri)
Nagy, Kenneth A 1977 Cellulose digestion and nutrient assimilation in Sauromalus obesus, a plant-eating lizard
Muth, Allan 1977 Eggs and hatchlings of captive Dipsosaurus dorsalis
Wiewandt, Thomas Alan 1977 Management of the Mona Island Ground Iguana Cyclura stejnegeri. Appendix J, Unit Plan for the Management of the Mona Island Forest Reserve
Dawson, William R 1977 A reappraisal of the aquatic specializations of the Galapagos marine iguana (Amblyrhynchus cristatus)
Krekorian, C O'Neil 1977 Homing in the desert iguana, Dipsosaurus dorsalis
Burghardt, Gordon M 1977 Social behavior in hatchling green iguanas: life at a reptile rookery
MacLean, W P 1977 Island lists of West Indian amphibians and reptiles
Bowler, J Kevin 1977 Longevity of reptiles and amphibians in North American collections
Schwartz, Albert 1977 Systematics and evolution in the West Indian iguanid genus Cyclura
Wiewandt, Thomas Alan 1977 Management of Introduced Fauna in the Mona Island Unit.  Appendix H, Unit Plan for the Management of the Mona Island Forest Reserve
Prieto, Andrew A 1977 Reproduction in the Arizona Chuckwalla, Sauromalus obesus tumidus (Shaw)
Carpenter, Charles C 1977 The display of Enyaliosaurus clarki (Iguanidae: Lacertilia)
Wiewandt, Thomas Alan 1977 Ecology, Behavior, and Management of the Mona Island Ground Iguana, Cyclura stejnegeri PDF Format  
Smith, Hobart M 1977 A survey of herpetological introductions in the United States and Canada
Fitch, Henry S 1977 Age and sex differences in the Ctenosaur (Ctenosaura similes)
Fitch, Henry S 1977 Age and sex differences, reproduction, and conservation of Iguana iguana
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Schwartz, Albert 1978 First supplement to a checklist of West Indian amphibians and reptiles
Carl, Gary 1978 Spiny chuckwallas bred at the Fort Worth Zoo
Rivero, Juan A 1978 Los Anfibios y Reptiles de Puerto Rico
Ellis, Hugh I 1978 Field observations of cooling rates of Galapagos land iguanas (Conolophus subcristatus)
Distel, Hansjürgen 1978 Behavioral responses to the electrical stimulation of the brain in the green iguana
Greene, Harry W 1978 Predation and the defensive behavior of green iguanas (Reptilia, Lacertilia, Iguanidae)
Distel, Hansjürgen 1978 Behavior and electrical brain stimulation in the green iguana, Iguana iguana L. II. Stimulation effects
Vagvolgyi, Joseph 1978 Feeding habits of the Galápagos land iguana
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Brooks, DR 1978 Acanthotaenia overstreeti sp. n. (Cestoda: Proteocephalidae) from a Puerto Rican lizard, the first acanthotaeniine in the New World
Ottenwalder, José Alberto 1978 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Prieto, Andrew A 1978 Some observations of the social behavior of the Arizona chuckwalla, Sauromalus obesus tumidus (Reptilia, Lacertilia, Iguanidae)
Muth, Allan 1978 A temperature sensitive tracking telemetry system for small reptiles (Reptilia, Lacertilia)
Anonymous 1978 Nacimiento en Zoodom de iguanas rinoceronte (Cyclura c. cornuta) de segunda generacion
Rand, Stanley 1978 Reptilian Arboreal Folivores
Finnley, D 1978 Puerto Rico expands Endangered Species protection program
Finnley, D 1978 Rule-making actions - February 1978. Mona Island boa, iguana listed
Schwartz, Albert 1978 Some aspects of the herpetogeography of the West Indies
Rand, A Stanley 1978 Display and dispute settlement in nesting iguanas
Higgins, Paul J 1978 The Galapágos iguanas: models of reptilian differentiation
Iverson, John B 1978 The impact of feral cats and dogs on populations of the West Indian rock iguana, Cyclura carinata