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Christian, Keith A 1980 Endangered iguanas
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Christian, Keith A 1980 The physical and biotic determinants of space and time utilization by the Galapagos land iguana Conolophus pallidus
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Christie, Bill 1996 Taxon Management Account: Ricord's Iguana, Cyclura ricordi
Christie, Bill 1994 The Indianapolis Zoo's Cyclura management program PDF Format  
Cieri, Robert L 2014 New insight into the evolution of the vertebrate respiratory system and the discovery of unidirectional airflow in iguana lungs
Cieri, Robert L 2016 Unidirectional pulmonary airflow in vertebrates: a review of structure, function, and evolution
Cirino, Erica 2018 Conservationists divided on Florida's decision to kill off invasive iguanas PDF Format  
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Cohen, M M 1967 The somatic chromosomes of 3 lizard species: Gekko gecko, Iguana iguana, and Crotaphytus collaris
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Colosimo, Giuliano 2015 Amblyomma and Rickettsia, Covert Hitchhikers on Cyclura cychlura Iguanas