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Elfström, Bruce 1994 "Muy dificil" PDF Format  
Anonymous 2016 #GoatIslandsSaved! Conservationists warmly welcome Jamaican Government decision against transshipment port in protected area PDF Format  
Mele, Kalesi 2017 'Babies' in the wild PDF Format  
Ledger, Wendy 2015 'Green' invasion project gets funding PDF Format  
Anonymous 1990 'Iguana mama' wins top science award PDF Format  
Anonymous 2018 1,000th iguana released into the wild PDF Format  
Roth, Annie 2018 12 animals that bounced back from the brink PDF Format  
Robinson, Martin 2014 13 rare iguanas cruelly stuffed into socks by smugglers are seized by customs officers at Heathrow PDF Format  
Baillie, Jonathan E M 1996 1996 IUCN Red List of Threatened Animals
Reynoso, Victor Hugo 2012 1er Encuentro Latinoamericano sobre Iguanas y XIV Reunión Nacional sobre Iguanas
Anonymous 2013 20 years of conservation success for the Jamaican iguana PDF Format  
Bendon, John 2003 2002 Iguana Specialist Group Conference PDF Format  
Accimé, Masani 2010 2010 Cycura ricordi Conservation Activities in Haiti
Curot-Lodéon, Elisa 2015 2012-2015 Capture-Mark Recapture Population Surveys in Martinique and Guadeloupe
Hoffmann, Rachel (ed.) 2017 2015 Annual Report of the Species Survival Commission and the Global Species Programme
Bradley, Kelly A 2018 2018 Update for the Anegada Iguana Conservation Program
Anonymous 2013 4 años de prisión por intentar sacar iguanas en una maleta PDF Format  
Mele, Kalesi 2017 48 crested iguanas released in the wild PDF Format  
Brady, Heather 2018 6-Foot iguana shot with crossbow rescued in Florida PDF Format  
Colosimo, Giuliano 2015 Amblyomma and Rickettsia, Covert Hitchhikers on Cyclura cychlura Iguanas
Vitousek, Maren Noelani 2011 Amblyrhynchus cristatus (Galápagos marine iguanas). Predation
Lewbart, Gregory A 2017 Amblyrhynchus cristatus (Marine Iguana). Diet.
Ineich, Ivan 2014 Amblyrhynchus cristatus (Marine iguana). Polydactyly
Mace, Jean-Pierre 2010 Amblyrhynchus cristatus Bell, 1825. L'iguane marin des Galápagos
Linstow, V 1902 Atractis cruciata und Oxyuris monhystera, zwei neue nematoden aus Metopoceros cornutus PDF Format  
Moura de Oliveira, Jairo 2015 Boa constrictor (Common Boa) feeds on and regurgitates alive a lizard Iguana iguana (Green Iguana)
Fisher, Robert N 2013 Brachylophus bulabula (Fiji banded iguana). Predation
Mace, Jean-Pierre 2010 Brachylophus Cuvier, 1829. Zoogéographie du genre et implications en terme de conservation
Stephen, Catherine 2014 Cachryx: the 9th Genus, the Tall Tale of a Tail
Godlewski, Pierre 2010 Conolophus cristatus Gray, 1825. L'iguane terrestre des Galápagos
Gentile, Gabriele 2009 Conolophus marthae sp. nov. (Squamata, Iguanidae), a new species of land iguana from the Galápagos Archipelago
Mendoza Quijano, Fernando 2002 Ctenosaura acanthura (Shaw, 1802). An addition to the known fauna of the Mexican State of Hidalgo
Faulkner, Shane 2012 Ctenosaura bakeri (Utila spiny-tailed iguana). Endoparasites
de Queiroz, Kevin 1990 Ctenosaura bakeri Stejneger Utila Island Spiny-tailed Iguana
Köhler, Gunther 1998 Ctenosaura bakeri Stejnegeri
Goldberg, Stephen R 2005 Ctenosaura hemilopha (Cape Spiny-tailed Iguana). Reproduction
Kartje, Michael E 2016 Ctenosaura oaxacana (Oaxacan Spiny-tailed iguana). Predation
Corneil, Jeffrey P 2015 Ctenosaura oaxacana (Oaxacan Spiny-tailed Iguana). Predation
Gandola, Robert 2011 Ctenosaura oedirhina (Roatán spiny-tailed iguana). Diet
Hendry, Catriona 2011 Ctenosaura oedirhina (Roatán spiny-tailed iguana). Saurophagy
Pasachnik, Stesha A 2011 Ctenosaura oedirhina (Roatan's spiny-tailed iguana). Diet
Pasachnik, Stesha A 2011 Ctenosaura oedirhina (Roatan's spiny-tailed iguana). Limb regeneration
Goldberg, Stephen R 2011 Ctenosaura oedirhina (Roatan's Spiny-tailed iguanas). Endoparasites
de Queiroz, Kevin 1990 Ctenosaura oedirhina de Queiroz Roatán Island Spiny-tailed Iguana
Ariano-Sánchez, Daniel 2016 Ctenosaura palearis (Guatemalan Spiny-tailed Iguana). Tail trifurcation
Buckley, Lawrence J 1990 Ctenosaura palearis Stejneger Paleate Spiny-tailed Iguana
Barragán-Ramírez, José Luis 2012 Ctenosaura pectinata (Mexican spiny-tailed iguana). Albinism
Lemos Espinal, Julio A 1994 Ctenosaura pectinata (Mexican Spiny-tailed Iguana). Predation
Quintero-Díaz, Gustavo Ernesto 2013 Ctenosaura pectinata (Western Spiny-tailed Iguana). Geographic distribution
Engeman, Richard M 2007 Ctenosaura similis (black spiny-tailed iguana). Predation