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Werning, Heiko
Der Stachelige Riesenchuckwalla Sauromalus hispidus Stejnegeri, 1877: Biologie, Freilandbeobachtungen und europäische Erstnachzucht
Journal Article
Sauromalus hispidus
Name, systematics, description, distribution and habitat of the spiny chuckwalla Sauromalus hispidus are presented as a brief literature review. Personal observations in the field on Isla Coronado (= Smith) are reported. The husbandry over nine years and the first European breeding is described. In the year 2000 extensive aggressions occurred between the two adult males of the group, which is reported for the first time. On 14.06.2000 a female with a SVL of 18 cm laid 9 eggs measuring 40x22 mm, which were incubated in sand the first 4 weeks at 30 °C, the remaining 6.5 weeks at 32 °C. The hatchlings appeared on 01.09.-03.09.2000 and had a SVL of 5.5-6.1 cm. The coloration of the hatchlings is described as well as first records of coloration for juveniles from 11-15 cm SVL. The rearing until an age of 10 months is reported. Finally the insecure conservation status of this species is mentioned.