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Tracy, Christopher R;Tracy, C Richard;Turner, J Scott
Contrasting physiological abilities for heating and cooling in an amphibian (Rana pipiens) and a reptile (Sauromalus obesus)
Journal Article
Sauromalus obesus
Leopard frogs (Rana pipiens) showed no difference in their rates of heating and cooling in water whereas chuckwalla lizards (Sauromalus obesus) warmed 32% faster than they cooled in both water and air. The mean ratio of heating to cooling rates in leopard frogs (1.02) was significantly different from that for chuckwallas (0.76), and the ratio of heating to cooling rates in chuckwallas is very similar to those reported in a replete literature on many other species of lizards. The current data, including that from the literature, indicate that amphibians may have less (or no) control over their rates of temperature change.