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Rojas-Sandoval, Julissa;Meléndez-Ackerman, Elvia J;Fumero-Cabán, José;García-Bermudez, Miguel A;Sustache, José;Aragón, Susan;Morales, Mariely;Fernández, Denny S
Effects of hurricane disturbance and feral goat herbivory on the structure of a Caribbean dry forest
Journal of Vegetation Science
Journal Article
Hurricanes are a major factor influencing forest structure and have been linked to higher incidences of multiple-stemmed trees in Caribbean dry forests relative to the continent. In Sept 1998, category 3 Hurricane Georges passed over Mona Island. This island, unlike others in the Caribbean, has had feral goats for five centuries. In this study we addressed the following questions: (i) what are the short-term (4 mo) and long-term (10 yr) responses of Mona Island's dry forests to hurricane disturbance in terms of forest structure and tree mortality; and (ii) is there any effect of goat exclusion on the recovery process and forest structure after the hurricane?