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Dardón Espadas, Rigel;Retana Guiascón, Oscar Gustavo
Uso medicinal de la fauna silvestre por comunidades Mayas, en la región de Los Chenes, Campeche, México
Revista Etnobiologia
Journal Article
Ctenosaura defensor;Ctenosaura similis
Historically, the Mayan Civilization has been rich in traditions and it has been maintained through time, producing a cultural heritage that must be documented. This research was done in order to understand and document the knowledge about the uses of fauna as a healing resource in “Los Chenes”, State of Campeche, México. Furthermore, our aim is to show the importance in the community of this healing resource. The research supported many data, such as: the identification of animal species, their uses and which parts of the organism were used, the products obtained from the animal, their therapeutic, and the heal effectiveness for the members the community. The sources of information were literature, and interviews both structured and unstructured. To analyze the data and importance of species the Informant Agreement Ratio (IAR) was applied. Also, to setup categories of importance into the members of the community, both qualitative and quantitative, the Sturge’s rule was applied.