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Taylor, Edward H
Notes on the herpetological fauna of the Mexican state of Sonora
The University of Kansas Science Bulletin
Journal Article
Ctenosaura hemilopha;Dipsosaurus dorsalis sonoriensis;Sauromalus hispidus;Sauromalus obesus;Sauromalus townsendi
The report is based largely upon a collection of reptiles and amphibians, now at the University of Kansas, secured by Edward H. Taylor in Sonora during parts of the summer of 1934. An ecological classification is given of the species discussed (five of amphibians, eighteen of lizards, sixteen of snakes, and two of turtles). Cnemidophorus burti sp. nov. is described from La Posa, near Guaymas. An annotated bibliography of literature concerning the herpetological fauna of the state is appended.