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Callard, Ian P;Banks, S H;Banks, W L
Hepatic protein and nucleic acid content in Dipsosaurus dorsalis following hypophysectomy and treatment with estradiol-17B and growth hormone
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Part B: Comparative Biochemistry
Journal Article
Dipsosaurus dorsalis
1. Estradiol-17β treatment to female lizards, Dipsosaurus dorsalis, produced enlarged livers with markedly elevated protein/DNA and RNA/DNA. 2. Quantitatively similar changes in these parameters were obtained in hypophysectomized animals when growth hormone was administered in addition to estrogen, but not when either hormone was given singly. 3. Growth hormone was required to evoke an elevation in total plasma protein level in hypophysectomized lizards treated with the estrogen of a similar magnitude to that obtained by estrogen treatment to the intact animals. 4. These results indicate that estrogen-induced vitellogenesis requires the mediation of the pituitary.