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Bailey, John Wendell
A revision of the lizards of the genus Ctenosaura
Proceedings of the United States National Museum
Journal Article
Ctenosaura annectens;Ctenosaura multispinis;Ctenosaura brachylopha;Ctenosaura bakeri;Ctenosaura quinquecarinata;Ctenosaura palearis;Ctenosaura erythromelas;Ctenosaura defensor;Ctenosaura pectinata;Ctenosaura brevirostris;Ctenosaura cycluroides;Ctenosaura hemilopha;Ctenosaura acanthura;Ctenosaura similis;Ctenosaura teres;Ctenosaura clarki;Ctenosaura parkeri
Although Volume 73 of the PUSNM is associated with the year 1929, each number in the volume has its own date of publication. Actual dates are given in the Table of Contents for the volume as a whole. Bailey's revision of Ctenosaura was published on 26 September 1928.