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de Queiroz, Kevin
A new spiny-tailed iguana from Honduras, with comments on relationships within Ctenosaura (Squamata: Iguania)
Journal Article
Enyaliosaurus;Ctenosaura similis;Ctenosaura quinquecarinata;Ctenosaura pectinata;Ctenosaura palearis;Ctenosaura hemilopha;Ctenosaura defensor;Ctenosaura clarki;Ctenosaura acanthura;Ctenosaura bakeri;Ctenosaura oedirhina
Ctenosaura oedirhina is described from specimens formerly referred to C. bakeri collected on Isla de Roatán, Honduras . A phylogenetic analysis of relationships within Ctenosaura based on 21 morphological characters indicates that although the new species is part of a monophyletic subgroup also containing C. bakeri, C. clarki, C. defensor, C. palearis, and C. quinquecarinata, it may not be the closest relative of C. bakeri. The results of the phylogenetic analysis also indicate that the taxon Enyaliosaurus is not phylogenetically separate from Ctenosaura; the former is a subgroup of the latter.