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Avise, John C;Bowen, Brian W;Lamb, Trip
DNA fingerprints from hypervariable mitochondrial genotypes
Molecular Biology and Evolution
Journal Article
Sauromalus obesus
Conventional surveys of restriction-fragment polymorphisms in mitochondrial DNA of menhaden fish (Brevoortia tyrannus/patronus complex) and chuckwalla lizards (Sauromalus obesus) revealed exceptionally high levels of genetic variation, attributable to differences in mtDNA size as well as in restriction sites. The observed probabilities that any two randomly drawn individuals differed detectably in mtDNA genotype were 0.998 and 0.983 in the two species, respectively. Thus, the variable gel profiles provided unique mtDNA "fingerprints" for most conspecific animals assayed. mtDNA fingerprints differ from nuclear DNA fingerprints in several empirical respects and should find special application in the genetic assessment of maternity.