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Bock, Brian C;Rand, A Stanley;Burghardt, Gordon M
Nesting season movements of female green iguanas (Iguana iguana) in Panama
Journal Article
Iguana iguana
Gravid female iguanas aggregate to nest each year in a clearing on the island of Slothia, adjacent to the much larger Barro Colorado Island (BCI) in Gatun Lake, Panama (Rand, 1968; Bock et al., 1985). An initial attempt to document post-nesting movements from Slothia found that two of the four iguanas radiotracked moved considerable distances into the forest (Montgomery et al., 1973). To confirm these preliminary results, we radiotracked additional female iguanas from Slothia and found that movements away from the shoreline are unusual, even though iguanas may travel more than a kilometer during their post-nesting dispersal. Movements of migrating iguanas apparently may be influenced by close approaches during radiotracking.