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Dodd, Jr, C Kenneth;Seigel, Richard A
Relocation, repatriation, and translocation of amphibians and reptiles: are they conservation strategies that work?
Journal Article
Conolophus subcristatus;Cyclura pinguis
Conservation strategies involving relocations, repatriations, and translocations (RRT) have been carried out, are underway, or are advocated for a number of endangered and threatened amphibians and reptiles. However, recent reviews of RRT projects involving birds and mammals suggest that the success rate is low and that the factors that lead to endangerment operate to impede effective RRT results. In this paper, we review available information on RRT projects involving amphibians and reptiles, examine the motives for advocating RRT strategies, and recommend biological and management criteria that should be considered prior to undertaking RRT projects. Most RRT projects involving amphibians and reptiles have not demonstrated success as conservation techniques and should not be advocated as if they are acceptable management and mitigation practices. We urge caution in accepting claims of success and urge colleagues to publish detailed methods and results of past and ongoing RRT projects.