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Alberts, Allison C
Conservation strategies for West Indian rock iguanas (genus Cyclura): current efforts and future directions
Iguana (Journal of the International Iguana Society)
Journal Article
Cyclura nubila nubila;Cyclura carinata carinata;Cyclura cornuta cornuta;Cyclura rileyi nuchalis;Cyclura cornuta stejnegeri;Cyclura cychlura cychlura;Cyclura nubila caymanensis;Cyclura cychlura figginsi;Cyclura cychlura inornata;Cyclura ricordii;Cyclura carinata bartschi;Cyclura rileyi rileyi;Cyclura pinguis;Cyclura rileyi cristata;Cyclura collei;Cyclura lewisi
As a result of habitat loss and the negative impact of introduced mammalian predators and competitors, West Indian Rock Iguanas (genus Cyclura) are among the most endangered lizards in the world. Because they are important seed dispersers for native plants, their loss has serious ecological consequences for dry tropical forests and scrub habitats. Six of the nine species of Rock Iguanas are considered critically endangered by the IUCN (the World Conservation Union), with C. collei and C. pinguis numbering only a few hundred individuals in the wild and C. lewisi fewer than 25 individuals. Conservation recommendations include further research to better understand population dynamics and ecological requirements, establishment of new protected areas and stronger enforcement within existing ones, control programs for introduced species, captive breeding and headstarting where appropriate, and public education at the local, national, and international levels.