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Blair, David W
West Indian Rock Iguanas: Their Status in the Wild and Efforts to Breed Them in Captivity
Northern California Herpetological Society, Captive Propagation and Husbandry Conference Proceedings (1991)
Conference Proceedings
R.E. Staub
Northern California Herpetological Society Special Publication No. 6
Cyclura rileyi nuchalis;Cyclura rileyi cristata;Cyclura rileyi rileyi;Cyclura ricordii;Cyclura pinguis;Cyclura nubila lewisi;Cyclura nubila caymanensis;Cyclura nubila nubila;Cyclura cychlura inornata;Cyclura cychlura figginsi;Cyclura cychlura cychlura;Cyclura cornuta stejnegeri;Cyclura cornuta onchiopsis;Cyclura cornuta cornuta;Cyclura collei;Cyclura carinata bartschi;Cyclura carinata carinata;Cyclura sp.;threat status;captive management;reproduction