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Christian, Keith A;Clavijo, Ileana;Cordero-López, Nancy;Elías-Maldonado, Evelyn;Franco, Miguel;Lugo-Ramírez, Mabel V;Marengo, Marisol
Thermoregulation and energetics of a population of Cuban iguanas (Cyclura nubila) on Isla Magueyes, Puerto Rico
Journal Article
Amblyrhynchus cristatus;Conolophus subcristatus;Conolophus pallidus;Cyclura nubila nubila;physiology
Cuban iguanas Cyclura nubila were introduced to Isla Magueyes, Puerto Rico in the mid 1960's and a reproducing population now inhabits the island. Fourteen lizard-days of body temperatures were obtained by radio telemetry from four male iguanas. Time budgets were recorded simultaneously. The iguanas maintained a relatively constant body temperature (mean = 38.6 C, SD = 1.4) over a long portion of the day (0915-1800). Midday body temperatures were significantly higher than those of Galapagos land iguanas, Conolophus pallidus (during hot season) despite similar microclimatic conditions. By combining body temperatures with information on the mass and population densities, it was estimated that the energetic expenditure of the iguana population was approximately 4,800 kJ/(ha x d). This very high estimate of energy expenditure results from the combination of large body size and high population density.