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Veron, Geraldine;Patou, Marie-Lilith;Simberloff, Daniel;McLenachan, Patricia A;Morley, Craig G
The Indian brown mongoose, yet another invader in Fiji
Biological Invasions
Journal Article
Brachylophus sp.
A thriving population of the Indian brown mongoose (Herpestes fuscus), native to southwest India and Sri Lanka, has been discovered on the island of Viti Levu in Fiji. This is the first known introduction of this species and may derive from a pair brought from an unknown source to a private zoo in the late 1970s. They co-occur on Viti Levu with the much smaller small Indian mongoose (H. auropunctatus), and they are probably nocturnally active. No research has been conducted on their activity, diet, or impact on Fiji.