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Zug, George R
The distribution and patterns of the major arteries of the iguanids and comments on the intergeneric relationships of iguanids (Reptilia: Lacertilia)
Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology
Journal Article
Sauromalus obesus;Iguana iguana;Dipsosaurus dorsalis;Cyclura nubila nubila;Cyclura macleayi;Cyclura carinata carinata;Ctenosaura similis;Ctenosaura hemilopha;Ctenosaura acanthura;Brachylophus fasciatus;Amblyrhynchus cristatus;Cyclura sp.;physiology
The spatial arrangement of the major arteries, i.e., systemic arches, carotid arches and major branches, subclavians, coeliac, and mesenteries, are described for 42 genera of iguanid lizards. The arterial patterns are relatively uniform in iguanids. All of iguanids examined had carotid ducts, lacked a primary common carotid, and with the exception of Iguana, the coeliac arose anterior to or adjacent to the mesenteries. Variation was observed in the type of origin of the external carotid and sternohyoid, subclavians, and mesenteries. These pairs of vessels could arise separately, contiguous, or form a common trunk. Ten arterial characters were analyzed to determine their taxonomic value. Comparison of similarly generated phenograms, one for arterial data and the other for extant iguanid data, showed the arterial characters to be of little value for intrafamilial classification. The arterial data can function only as a weak indicator of relationships.