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Barus, Vlastimil;Hubálek, Zdenek;Coy Otero, A
Testing the context and extent of host-parasite co-evolution: nematodes parasitising Cuban lizards (Sauria: Iguanidae)
Folia Zoologica
Journal Article
parasites;Cyclura nubila nubila
The co-evolution patterns were tested in four genera of Cuban lizards from the family Iguanidae (Chamaeleolis, Anolis, Cyclura, Leiocephalus) and in 20 nematode species parasitising them. The similarity of nematode fauna amongst the host genera was evaluated by cluster analysis, using three methods of the presence absence coding. The results suggested a mutual similarity of the nematode fauna of the 'anoline lineage' (Chamaeleolis, Anolis - subfam. Anolinae) and Leiocephalus, and a dissimilarity of the 'iguanine lineage' (Cyclura, subfam. Iguaninae). This method is obviously less sensible for the interpretation of co-evolution in the genus Leiocephalus and its nematode fauna.