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Troyer, Katherine
Review. The biology of iguanine lizards: present status and future directions
Journal Article
Sauromalus sp.;Dipsosaurus sp.;Ctenosaura sp.;Conolophus sp.;Brachylophus sp.;Amblyrhynchus sp.;Iguana sp.;Dipsosaurus dorsalis;Sauromalus varius;Sauromalus obesus;Ctenosaura similis;Cyclura carinata;Amblyrhynchus cristatus;Iguana iguana;Cyclura sp.;reproduction;behavior;diet;conservation;physiology
The recent symposium volume Iguanas of the World presents new information on members of an unusual group, the iguanine lizards. The features that characterize this subfamily include herbivorous habits, large body size, long life, large clutch size, and in many species, attractiveness as a human food. This review describes the current state of knowledge of iguanine biology, based in part upon the contents of Iguanas of the World, and recommends topics and appropriate methodologies for future investigations. Successful conservation of many endangered iguanines will require much more detailed information than is presently available. Notably deficient or lacking are comprehensive data on feeding ecology, digestive physiology, energetics, reproduction and nearly all aspects of demography.