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Walton, A C
Paralaeuris chuckler n. sp. (Nematoda) from the iguana (Cyclura cornuta)
The Journal of Parasitology
Journal Article
Cyclura cornuta cornuta;parasites
In 1938, A. C. Cuckler reported on the nematodes parasitic in a land iguana(Conolophus subcristatus) from the Galapagos Islands (Allan Hancock Pacific Expeditions, 2: 137-165. U. of S. Calif. Press) and established a new genus ofoxyurid worms - Paralaeuris (Syphaciinae) - with P. dorochilaas the type species. The present writer recently had the opportunity of examining a number of parasites collected from a West Indian iguana (Cyclura cornuta) which had died in the Zoological Gardens at Washington, D. C. Among the collections were large numbers of both sexes of an oxyurid that not only established the validity of the genus Paralaeuris, but added a second species to that genus. The new species is designated as Paralaeuris cuckleri, in recognition of the work done by Cuckler on the parasites of the Iguanidae.