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Wenger, Sandra;Simova-Curd, Stefka;Grest, Paula;Steinmetz, Hanspeter W;Hatt, Jean-Michel
Ovarian teratoma in a Fiji island banded iguana (Brachylophus fasciatus) and a green iguana (Iguana iguana)
Journal of Herpetological Medicine and Surgery
Journal Article
Brachylophus fasciatus;veterinary health;Iguana iguana
A six-yea r-old female Fiji Island banded iguana , Brachylophus fasciatus, and a nine-year-old female green iguana, Iguana iguana, were presented with anorexia and coelomic distension. Exploratory coeliotomies were performed in both individuals. The left ovaries were grossly abnormal, enlarged, and contained smaller fluid-filled vesicles. The abnormal tissue was resected and examined histologically. In both cases the histological diagnosis of benign ovarian teratoma was made. Both iguanas recovered well from surgery. Ten months post-surgery, both iguanas were clinically healthy.