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Werner, Dagmar I;Rand, A Stanley
Manejo de la Iguana Verde en Panamá
9th Symposio Conservation y Manejo Fauna Silvestre Neotropical
Conference Proceedings
Arequipa, Peru
Iguana iguana
The green iguana (Iguana iguana) has been an important source of protein for all countries where this reptile occurs. Due to habitat destruction and overhunting the green iguana is drastically declining in numbers. The objective of the Iguana Management Project is to investigate the feasibility to establish conservation and management schemes such that man could make rational use of this prolific reptile. An outline for research on biological, economic, and social aspects is presented. The importance of inter-institutional collaboration and collaboration with national persons is emphasized. Six months after the start of the project we have produced the first promising results. Iguana hatchlings were successfully raised in captivity in high densities. This permits to reduce mortality of young which is about 95% in the wild during the first year.