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Rueda-Zozaya, P;Mendoza, G D;Crosby, M M;González, G;Reynoso, Victor Hugo
Effect of feed type and sex on digestibility and feed efficiency utilization in black spiny-tailed iguana (Ctenosaura pectinata)
Zoo Biology
Journal Article
Ctenosaura pectinata
Digestibility, feed efficiency, and the effect of sex were evaluated in black iguanas (Ctenosaura pectinata) using two commercial pellets (rabbit and chicken). The experiment was performed in 80 iguanas in a completely randomized design with a factorial arrangement 2×2 over 105 days. No differences were detected by food type in weight gain (chicken vs. rabbit: 121 vs. 154 mg/d) and daily intake (chicken vs. rabbit: 524 vs. 551 mg/d), but differences were detected (P<0.05) in feed conversion (chicken vs. rabbit: 6.45 vs. 4.47). Rabbit pellets showed higher digestibility than chicken food (P<0.01) in dry matter (59.8 vs. 41.4%) and NDF (55.4 vs. 43.6%), respectively. Sex had no effect in any of the variable responses. Black iguanas can be raised since 6 months old in captivity with commercial food designed for rabbit or broiler. No special physiological adaptations occur in black iguanas correlated with change in feeding habits during ontogeny.