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Smith, Geoffrey R;Iverson, John B
Changes in sex ratio over time in the endangered iguana Cyclura cychlura inornata
Canadian Journal of Zoology
Journal Article
Cyclura rileyi nuchalis;Cyclura nubila caymanensis;Cyclura cychlura figginsi;Cyclura carinata;Cyclura rileyi rileyi;Cyclura rileyi cristata;Cyclura pinguis;Cyclura cychlura inornata
Changes in sex ratio of a population over time can indicate possible conservation concerns. Using population estimates for males and females, we examined changes in the sex ratio of two populations of the endangered Allen's Cay Rock Iguana (Cyclura cychlura inornata Barbour and Noble, 1916) in the Bahamas over nearly 25 years. The sex ratios of both populations changed from strongly male-biased early in the study to nearly 1:1 in recent years. We hypothesize that this shift has occurred because of the recovery of these populations from intense harvesting (particularly of females) over the previous 100 years and, more recently, because of the removal of large males from the islands either by poachers or by tourists.