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Christian, Keith A
Aspects of the life history of Cuban iguanas on Isla Magueyes, Puerto Rico
Caribbean Journal of Science
Journal Article
Cyclura nubila nubila;reproduction;behavior
Cuban iguanas on Isla Magueyes, Puerto Rico have an extended period of courtship that begins in late March or early April and lasts until the females move to their nesting sites in early June. Compared to the nesting behavior of other species of iguanas, Cuban iguanas are extremely secretive, and although defense of the nests by females is variable, it is less vigorous than in some species. Hatching success was high in 1984. Of the eggs that failed to produce viable hatchlings, the major source of mortality was ant predation, Incubation lasted 70 to 78 days. Clutch size (mean = 5.6 eggs), hatchling size (mean mass = 46.4 g and mean SVL = 107 mm), and hatchling behavior are compared to other species of iguanas.