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Carpenter, Charles C;Murphy, James B
Aggressive behavior in the Fiji Island lizard Brachylophus fasciatus (Reptilia, Lacertilia, Iguanidae)
Journal of Herpetology
Journal Article
Brachylophus fasciatus
Using the facilities of the Dallas Zoo, Dallas, Texas, we observed two male and two female Brachylophus fasciatus in their display case on 1 April 1975. The display case measured 80 cm deep, 120 cm high and 105 cm wide and contained numerous branches simulating an arboreal habitat. The two females measured 18.5/56.5 cm and 18.0/65.0 cm in snout-vent/total length, the males 20.0/70.0 cm and 14.5/52.0 cm. The two females and larger male were collected 25 June 1973 at Levuka, Ovalau Island, and the smaller male in early November 1969 on Kandavu Island, Fiji Islands - all within the range of B. fasciatus as indicated by Avery and Tanner (1970). The females had occupied the display case for a few weeks and the males were introduced for the purposes of these observations. From previous experience we were acquainted with the shy or "spooky" nature of these lizards and the presence of a one-way glass permitted us to observe and record on videotape undisturbed interactions. Observations lasted for one hour.