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Thomas, Richard
A reassessment of the herpetofauna of Navassa Island
Journal of the Ohio Herpetological Society
Journal Article
Cyclura nigerrima;Cyclura cornuta onchiopsis;distribution
Four species of reptiles have been collected recently on the island of Navassa between Jamaica and Hispaniola: Aristelliger cochranae, Sphaerodactylus becki, Anolis longiceps, and Diploglossus costatus badius. Four other species which presumably occurred on the island have either not been recently collected or are presumed extinct: Cyclura cornuta nigerrima, Leiocephalus eremitus, Typhlops sulcata, and Tropidophis melanurus bucculentus. Six other species have been reported from the island, but are regarded as not having been collected there originally. A detailed discussion of the herpetofauna is given, with pertinent comparisons of each of the Navassa forms with relatives on adjacent Greater Antillean islands, and some nomenclatorial changes are made. The fauna and flora of Navassa is briefly discussed, and comparisons of the origin of the Navassa reptiles are made with those of Isla Mona between Puerto Rico and Hispaniola. The herpetofauna of Navassa has its closest affinities with that of Hispaniola, but two forms are closely related to Cuban species, and none shows a relationship to species on Jamaica.