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Bendon, John 1998 It takes two to tango on Booby Cay PDF Format  
Bendon, John 1997 A delicate situation: Iguana delicatissima at the Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust PDF Format  
Bendon, John 2002 The Booby Cay iguana project
Bendon, John 2008 Discovery of Cactoblastis cactorum in 2007 for the fourth consecutive year on Isla de Mona, Puerto Rico PDF Format  
Bendon, John 1997 Mayaguana blues PDF Format  
Bendon, John 1997 Moon over Mayaguana: return to Booby Cay PDF Format  
Bendon, John 2004 Magnificent iguanas of Isla Mona PDF Format  
Bendon, John 2014 Iguanas of the Americas
Bendon, John 2003 2002 Iguana Specialist Group Conference PDF Format  
Benitez-Malvido, J 2003 Germination and seed damage in tropical dry forest plants ingested by iguanas
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Bennett, Albert F 1975 Effects of activity and temperature on aerobic and anaerobic metabolism in the Galapagos marine iguana
Beovides-Casas, Karen 2006 Natural history and morphometry of the Cuban iguana (Cyclura nubila Gray, 1831) in Cayo Siju, Cuba
Bergen, Teresa 2013 Decline and rise of Galápagos tortoises PDF Format  
Berger, Silke 2005 Corticosterone suppresses immune activity in territorial Galapagos marine iguanas during reproduction
Berger, Silke 2007 Behavioral and physiological adjustments to new predators in an endemic island species, the Galápagos marine iguana
Berk, Jamen William 2013 Inbreeding and heterozygosity-fitness correlations in a small, isolated population of Turks and Caicos Rock Iguanas, Cyclura carinata
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Berovides Álvarez, Vicente 2006 Las especies sombrilla y la conservacion de la fauna Cubana
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Berovides, Vicente 2001 Usos potenciales de la iguana Cubana (Cyclura nubila nubila)
Berovides, Vicente 2005 Densidad y selección de hábitat de Cyclura nubila nubila (Sauria: Iguanidae), en el refugio de fauna Cayos de San Felipe, Pinar del Río, Cuba
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Binns, John 2003 Utila: home to three native iguanas PDF Format  
Binns, John 2003 Stout iguanas: historical perspectives and status report PDF Format  
Binns, John 2001 Taxon report: Anegada iguana (Cyclura pinguis). Headstart facility upgrade project
Binns, John 2003 Taxon report: Utila iguana (Ctenosaura bakeri)
Binns, John 2003 Taxon report: Anegada iguana (Cyclura pinguis). Population assessment 2003
Binns, John 2002 The Anegada iguana headstarting facility: upgrade project 25 August - 3 September 2001 PDF Format  
Binns, John 2011 Frederic Burton - the Cayman Islands' conservation hero
Binns, John 2008 The seven blues of May PDF Format  
Binns, John 2005 The Grand Cayman Blue Iguana Recovery Program and the "Team Blue"; 2005 PDF Format  
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Blair, David W 1994 Rock iguanas
Blair, David W 1992 The Cayman Island rock iguana, Cyclura nubila caymanensis PDF Format  
Blair, David W 1995 Chuckwallas PDF Format  
Blair, David W 1995 Green iguanas: emerald gems of the jungle PDF Format  
Blair, David W 1992 A cay by any other name... PDF Format  
Blair, David W 1983 Dragons of Cayman: rock iguanas cling to their islands