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Anonymous 1993 Vermeintlich ausgestorbene reptilien auf Jamaika PDF Format  
Anonymous 1993 Roatán Island spiny-tailed iguana PDF Format  
Anonymous 2017 Iguana Guardians Programme PDF Format  
Anonymous 2018 Unieke leguaan? PDF Format  
Anonymous 2018 Too soon to celebrate comeback for native iguana on St. Eustatius PDF Format  
Anonymous 2018 1,000th iguana released into the wild PDF Format  
Anonymous 2018 Amazon boss Jeff Bezos pictured eating an iguana PDF Format  
Anonymous 2018 Another wave of blue iguanas ready for release into the wild PDF Format  
Anonymous 2018 Milestone reached with release of blue iguana PDF Format  
Anonymous 2005 Focus on conservation. Turks and Caicos iguana (Cyclura carinata carinata) PDF Format  
Anonymous 2018 More than 600 smuggled reptiles found in Spain: 9 people arrested PDF Format  
Anonymous 2018 Programme to save the Jamaican iguana a delicate balancing act PDF Format  
Anonymous 2005 Laws governing the importation and exportation of reptiles PDF Format  
Anonymous 2018 The Jamaican iguana, an international success story in conservation PDF Format  
Anonymous 2017 Critically Endangered Jamaican Iguanas hatch PDF Format  
Anonymous 2017 EDITORIAL – Breach of trust: Why no word about threat to blue iguanas? PDF Format  
Anonymous 2017 JET welcomes UDC decision to declare Goat Islands a wildlife sanctuary PDF Format  
Anonymous 2017 La capture de l'iguane commun (espèce invasive) à La Désirade PDF Format  
Anonymous 1992 Crianza y reproduccion de iguana verde con fines comerciales y obtencion de proteina animal (Guatemala) PDF Format  
Anonymous 2017 New hope for threatened iguanas of Cabritos Island PDF Format  
Anonymous 2016 Hybrid green-rock iguana hatchlings found on LC PDF Format  
Anonymous 2016 Shedding light on Little Cayman's iguanas PDF Format  
Anonymous 2005 Specialist Group profiles, Co-Chairs Allison Alberts and Rick Hudson
Anonymous 2015 Experts measure march of the Green Iguana PDF Format  
Anonymous 2012 Blue Dragons receive makeover PDF Format  
Anonymous 1997 Mindestanforderungen an die Haltung von Reptilien
Antonio, Fred 1996 Back from extinction? The Jamaican iguana
Antonio, Fred 2000 Taxon report: Grand Cayman iguana (Cyclura nubila lewisi)
Aplasca, Andrea C 2016 Genetic diversity and structure in the Endangered Allen Cays Rock Iguana, Cyclura cychlura inornata PDF Format  
Aplasca, Andrea Christina 2013 Population Genetics of the Endangered Insular Allen Cays Rock Iguana, Cyclura cychlura inornata
Arantes, Rozana Cristina 2016 The skull bones of the Iguana iguana
Arce-Nazario, Javier A 2012 Iguana iguana invasion in Puerto Rico: facing the evidence
Arcos-García, José Luis 2002 Growth characterization of black iguana (Ctenosaura pectinata) in captivity
Arcos-Garcia, José Luis 2007 Digestibilidad de iguana negra (Ctenosaura pectinata) alimentadas con dietas a base de diferentes componentes de insectos y vegetales
Arcos-Garcia, José Luis 2005 Efecto del tipo de dieta y temperatura sobre el crecimiento y eficiencia alimenticia de la iguana negra (Ctenosaura pectinata)
Arcos-Garcia, José Luis 2005 Identificación del sexo y medición del crecimiento en iguana negra (Ctenosaura pectinata) en las etapas de cría y juvenil
Aresté, M 1998 Cyclura: the ground iguanas of the Caribbean
Ariano, Daniel 2013 Conservation Status of the Spiny Tailed Iguanas of Guatemala
Ariano, Daniel 2012 The Alliance for the Conservation of Endangered Species of Guatemala: working to preserve three iconic Guatemalan lizard groups
Ariano, Daniel 2007 Notes on the distribution of the endangered lizard, Heloderma horridum charlesbogerti, in the dry forests of eastern Guatemala: an application of multi-criteria evaluation to conservation PDF Format  
Ariano-Sánchez, Daniel 2007 Distribución Potencial, Ámbitos de Hogar y Patrones de Comportamiento del Lagarto Escorpión Heloderma horridum charlesbogerti (Sauria: Helodermatidae) Con Notas Sobre el Primer Reporte de Caso de Envenenamiento por esta Especie en Guatemala
Ariano-Sánchez, Daniel 2011 Heloderma Natural Reserve: using the Guatemalan beaded lizard (Heloderma horridum charlesbogerti) as an umbrella species for other criticially endangered wildlife from the dry forests of the Motagua Valley, Guatemala
Ariano-Sánchez, Daniel 2018 A new species of Rhadinella (Serpentes: Dipsadidae) from the dry forest of Motagua Valley, Guatemala
Ariano-Sánchez, Daniel 2016 Ctenosaura palearis (Guatemalan Spiny-tailed Iguana). Tail trifurcation
Ariano-Sánchez, Daniel 2015 Spatial ecology of the endangered Guatemalan Beaded Lizard Heloderma charlesbogerti (Sauria: Helodermatidae), in a tropical dry forest of the Motagua Valley, Guatemala PDF Format  
Arias, Yvonne 2004 Cyclura ricordii on the Barahona Peninsula: a preliminary report PDF Format  
Aristei, John 1998 Can a spiny-tailed iguana survive in L.A.? PDF Format  
Arnett, J R 1979 Breeding the Fiji banded iguana at the Knoxville Zoo
Arnold, E 1984 Variation in the cloacal and hemipenial muscles of lizards and its bearing on their relationships
Arroyo-Arce, Stephanny 2018 Feeding habits of the jaguar Panthera onca (Carnivora: Felidae) in Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica