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Anderson, Chad 2011 Geographic distribution: Ctenosaura similis (Gray's Spiny-tailed Iguana)
Anderson, Kareena 2016 A Caribbean-led effort to stop wildlife smuggling takes flight PDF Format  
Anderson, Wesley M 2010 Distribution and habitat use by the critically endangered stout iguana (Cyclura pinguis) on Guana Island, British Virgin Islands
Andrus, Adam 2013 Critically endangered Jamaican iguana imperiled by port development PDF Format  
Angeli, Nicole F 2018 Dispersal and population state of an endangered island lizard following a conservation translocation
Angin, Baptiste 2018 Long-term Monitoring Program of the Lesser Antillean Iguana (Iguana delicatissima) in the French West Indies
Angin, Baptiste 2015 Étude des populations d’iguanes des Petites Antilles (Iguana delicatissima) du Nord Martinique PDF Format  
Anonymous 2005 Focus on conservation. Grand Cayman blue iguana (Cyclura lewisi) PDF Format  
Anonymous 2007 Focus on conservation. The Guatemalan black iguana: critically endangered PDF Format  
Anonymous 2016 Endangered and threatened wildlife and plants; taxonomic correction for the Grand Cayman Ground Iguana
Anonymous 2016 Illegal Trade in Bahamian Rock Iguanas (Cyclura rileyi): Report of the Contact Group
Anonymous 2019 Unsustainable fishing and hunting for bushmeat driving iconic species to extinction – IUCN Red List PDF Format  
Anonymous 1999 Two south Florida men found guilty of illegally trafficking in West Indies tortoises and rare and endangered lizards PDF Format  
Anonymous 2000 U.S. Department of Justice, news release March 7, 2000 PDF Format  
Anonymous 1998 U.S. Department of Justice, news release October 30, 1998 PDF Format  
Anonymous 2019 Groundwork begins for 2020–2025 Blue Iguana Recovery Plan PDF Format  
Anonymous 2007 Grand Cayman blue iguanas hatch at San Diego Zoo
Anonymous 2010 Grand Cayman blue iguanas hatch at the San Diego Zoo's Institute for Conservation Research
Anonymous 1987 Vienen mejores días para la iguana en Panamá PDF Format  
Anonymous 2015 Mexico seizes food made from threatened iguana PDF Format  
Anonymous 2014 Wildlife as Canon sees it: White Cay rock iguana
Anonymous 1980 Captive-bred iguanas released in the wild
Anonymous 2019 Green Iguana cull reaches half million mark!
Anonymous 2019 Iguana cull surpasses 520,000 PDF Format  
Anonymous 2017 Conservation Insight - Described by Charles Darwin as "Imps of Darkness", Marine Iguanas are unique and need protection says Amy MacLeod
Anonymous 2017 New blue iguana exhibit at Bronx Zoo
Anonymous 2017 Ontario man sentenced to jail for illegal importation of endangered reptiles PDF Format  
Anonymous 2016 Environmentalists welcome scrapping of Goat Island project PDF Format  
Anonymous 2016 #GoatIslandsSaved! Conservationists warmly welcome Jamaican Government decision against transshipment port in protected area PDF Format  
Anonymous 2016 Iguanas partner with the plants of the Galápagos lslands PDF Format  
Anonymous 2016 Most island vertebrate extinctions could be averted, new study concludes PDF Format  
Anonymous 2016 Nearly 260 smuggled reptiles found at Dutch airport PDF Format  
Anonymous 2016 NVWA en Douane onderscheppen koffers met reptielen PDF Format  
Anonymous 1997 Iguana go home
Anonymous 2016 Rare baby iguana discovered, bringing population to 31 PDF Format  
Anonymous 2015 Bahamas announces new protected areas PDF Format  
Anonymous 2015 Bahamas expands marine protected areas by 4.5 million hectares PDF Format  
Anonymous 2015 The evolutionary history of the Galapagos Marine Iguana PDF Format  
Anonymous 2013 Caribbean Iguana Conservation Workshop: Exploring a Region-wide Approach to Recovery
Anonymous 2018 Back from virtual extinction PDF Format  
Anonymous 2007 Long Beach man indicted for smuggling rare and endangered iguanas into U.S. in his prosthetic leg PDF Format  
Anonymous 2015 Hunting and eating invasive iguanas PDF Format  
Anonymous 2015 Why this invasive lizard is bad for Puerto Rico PDF Format  
Anonymous 2013 4 años de prisión por intentar sacar iguanas en una maleta PDF Format  
Anonymous 2013 20 years of conservation success for the Jamaican iguana PDF Format  
Anonymous 2015 A new lease on life for endangered "Neon Dragons" of Fiji PDF Format  
Anonymous 2000 U.S. Department of Justice, news release September 8, 2000 PDF Format  
Anonymous 1971 Conservation in Hellshire
Anonymous 2012 Blues back from brink PDF Format  
Anonymous 2013 Blues to star in new nature tourism attraction PDF Format