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Arcos-García, José Luis;Cobos Peralta, Mario Antonio;Reynoso Rosales, Victor Hugo;Mendoza Martí­nez, Germán David;Ortega Cerrilla, María Esther;Clemente Sánchez, Fernando
Growth characterization of black iguana (Ctenosaura pectinata) in captivity
Veterinaria México
Journal Article
Ctenosaura pectinata
This study was conducted to compare the growth patterns of black iguana (Ctenosaura pectinata) under captivity in two communities: Montecillo, State of Mexico (temperate weather) and Nisanda, Oaxaca (tropical weather). Two hundred and sixty black iguana newborns were included. In Montecillo, iguanas were fed a diet containing 16% to 22% crude protein (CP), and 13 to 25% neutral detergent fiber (NDF). In Nisanda, iguanas were fed with "tulipacho" (Hibiscus sp) containing 21.64% CP and 31.62% NDF. Variables analyzed included: body weight (g), snout-vent length (mm), total length (snout-tail, mm) and percent mortality. Growth parameters on each population were estimated with a sigmoid model. The average body weight after 761 d was greater (P<0.01) for the iguanas in Montecillo (232.0 g) than in Nisanda (30.2 g). Snout-vent length and total length variables were different (P<0.01) with values of 152.1 mm and 452.6 mm in Montecillo, vs. 90.1 mm and 204.0 mm in Nisanda, respectively. Mortality was higher (P<0.01) in Nisanda than in Montecillo (81.2% vs. 7.3%). It is concluded that growth patterns of black iguana under captivity are determined by proper management and nutrition systems, when and if adequate temperature is provided in the iguana's house.