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Alberts, Allison C
Use of statistical models based on radiographic measurements to predict oviposition date and clutch size in rock iguanas (Cyclura nubila)
Zoo Biology
Journal Article
Cyclura nubila nubila;physiology;reproduction
The ability to noninvasively estimate clutch size and predict oviposition date in reptiles can be useful not only to veterinary clinicians but also to managers of captive collections and field researchers. Measurements of egg size and shape, as well as position of the clutch within the coelomic cavity, were taken from diagnostic radiographs of 20 female Cuban rock iguanas, Cyclura nubilu, 81 to 18 days prior to laying. Combined with data on maternal body size, these variables were entered into multiple regression models to predict clutch size and timing of egg laying. The model for clutch size was accurate to 0.53 k 0.08 eggs, while the model for oviposition date was accurate to 6.22 k 0.81 days. Equations were generated that should be applicable to this and other large Cyclura species.