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Gray, J E
A synopsis of the species of the class Reptilia
The Animal Kingdom, Arranged in Conformity with its Organization / by the Baron Cuvier, with Additional Descriptions of all the Species Hitherto Named, and of Many Not Before Noticed, by Edward Griffith and others
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Whittaker, Treacher, and Co.
Cyclura carinata;Cyclura nubila;Cyclura teres;Ctenosaura bellii;Ctenosaura lanceolata;Ctenosaura armata;Ctenosaura similis;Ctenosaura acanthura;Ctenosaura cycluroides;Iguana ater;Iguana cristatus;Amblyrhynchus cristatus;Brachylophus fasciatus;Iguana delicatissima;Iguana iguana;Iguana tuberculata;historical record
The Synopsis is paginated seperately and bound at the end of Volume 9 in the Cuvier and Griffith Animal Kingdom book. Part 26, published Dec 1830; sometimes mistakenly noted as 1831.